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Online Tools for Working with Transparent PNGs

Try our free online PNG tools for working with transparent and translucent PNG images. Our tools are focused on modifying the alpha channel of a PNG and you can add transparency to any PNG, fill existing transparent regions with a color, create semi-transparent images, add transparent borders and corners, and much more!

Convert a Non-transparent PNG to a Transparent PNG

With the non-transparent PNG to transparent PNG converter, you can select a color and its tones in your PNG and all the pixels with this color will be made transparent.

Convert a Transparent PNG to a Non-transparent PNG

With the transparent PNG to non-transparent PNG converter, you can fill existing transparent regions in your PNG with a color of your choice.

Add Background to a Transparent PNG

With the PNG background maker, you can add a custom background to a transparent PNG image. The background can be a single color or a linear or radial gradient with up to four colors.

Remove Background from a PNG

With the PNG background remover, you can remove the background from your PNG image and make the background invisible.

Change PNG Opacity

With the PNG opacity changer, you can change the translucency of your PNG image and make it semi-transparent.

Create a Transparent PNG

With the transparent PNG creator, you can create a custom PNG of any size (for example, 800 by 600 pixels) that's entirely transparent.

Create a Transparent Gradient PNG

With the transparent gradient creator, you can create a PNG of your preferred width and height that has a transparent linear or radial gradient (for example, going from blue to transparent or from transparent to blue).

Create a Semi-transparent PNG

With the semi-transparent PNG creator, you can create a PNG with an arbitrary alpha value ranging from zero (fully transparent) to one (fully opaque).

Add a Transparent PNG Border

With the transparent PNG border maker, you can add an invisible or semi-visible border around your PNG image. You can adjust the alpha value of the border in the options of this tool.

Add Transparent PNG Corners

With the transparent PNG corner maker, you can round the corners of your PNG image. You can adjust the radius of each corner individually and choose a corner rounding method.

Frequenty Asked Questions

PNG Transparent Tools use for processing and design PNG images. For example, it is used to change the background of a picture or illustration or to combine several files together. To use the PNG Transparent tools effectively, you need to use good-quality images with a good resolution. This tool is used in graphic design, web design, and other areas where images are important. It helps designers or creatives to give your projects a professional look and make them more visible on social media and the Internet. PNG Transparent Tools is indispensable for anyone who regularly works with images.

To get the best results from Transparent Tools, you need to use all of its properties. First, you need to use images with a very good resolution. Secondly, you should use a simple background without complex details. Thirdly, if there is any noise left, you can improve it with additional tools like Semi-transparent PNG or PNG Corners. You can also always adjust the level of transparency. Depending on your task, you can always decrease or increase the level of transparency. Using these simple tips you will be able to create professional images.

For example, tools are used for working with profiles on social networks or for designing pictures for a blog. When you want to quickly remove the background from a picture or when you want to combine two different pictures with different backgrounds. The better you know the tools, the more you see where they can be used. Using the tools, you can solve problems on your own that designers used to do for money: when creating illustrations for websites, improving your logo, or creating collages. They can also come in handy when creating presentations or marketing materials. Transparent PNG Tools is an amazing tool for the content creator.

Different services require strict height and width requirements for uploading an image (for example, 1024x1024px). When you create a blank image you can be sure that your image will be uploaded and accepted by the service without errors. With chains, you can easily add layers to the content of that images and make the composition you want. In addition, blank images can be useful for creating transparent backgrounds, such as logos. Also uses in marketing tricks.

The best practice is to use PNG images on the site. Using this format you can not worry that you have a collision between the background of the site and the picture. Also, some developers using the property CSS z-index can adjust the pictures one picture on top of another. Also, pictures png without backgrounds are just indispensable if you want to use animation or parallax effects on the site. In addition, large image sizes can slow down the speed of your site. You need to find the right balance between image size and quality.

If your image is of good quality and the watermark is not on the main object, by removing the background perhaps the watermark will disappear. It depends on how big the watermark is and where its coordinates are in the picture. Also with the help of different tools such as Create a Transparent Gradient PNG or Add a Transparent PNG Border you can cover the watermark with color. Not having Clone Stamp Tool, but you can hide the watermark with a combination of our ready-made tools.

Different types of gradients are used for example for the backgrounds of websites or for the backgrounds of different pictures. Many designers today use different types of gradient backgrounds for their pictures or illustrations that give their products style and magic in some way. For example, Apple uses gradient tones for the backgrounds of their slides or websites to decorate their presentations. Gradients can also be use for text or typography, creating a unique effect.

The number of people who use Transparent PNG Tools is growing exponentially. Everyone is now working with digital documents and as our tools are so simple to use, they are quickly becoming very popular. Our Transparent PNG tools and other our products are now used by millions of people every month, including governments, states, cities, banks, universities, and Forbes 100 companies.

Our Users and Customers

Browserling and our online tools are used by millions of users every month, and our customers include governments, states, cities, banks, stock exchanges, universities, newspapers, Forbes 100, Forbes 500 companies, and private multi-billion dollar companies.

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