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Online PNG Icon Maker

Try our free online PNG icon maker tools. You can change icon size, add and remove icon borders, create a transparent icon, add text to an icon, convert an icon to another format (such as Webp and Bitmap), and more!

Transparent Icon Maker

With our transparent icon maker, you can instantly convert a non-transparent icon (in any format such as JPG, BMP, or Webp) to a transparent PNG icon.

Emoji Icon Maker

With our emoji icon maker, you can instantly create PNG icons from emojis, emoticons, and other Unicode characters and glyphs. You can also change the emoji color, size, and background color.

Grayscale Icon Maker

With our grayscale icon maker, you can instantly convert a colorful icon to a grayscale icon that contains only shades of gray, white, and black.

Symmetric Icon Maker

With our symmetric icon maker, you can instantly add mirror symmetry to any icon and convert a non-symmetric icon to a symmetric one. You can choose between multiple symmetry modes and select the symmetry distance.

Mirror Icon Maker

With our mirror icon maker, you can instantly create a mirror-reflected icon. You can swap an icon's left side with the right side and also its top with the bottom.

Icon Color Extractor

With our icon color extractor, you can instantly extract the color palette of the most popular colors in an icon. You can select the color count and sort the colors by popularity, hue, or lightness.

Icon Edge Cleaner

With our icon edge cleaner, you can instantly refine the edges of an icon and make them smooth. It's especially useful if there are left-over pixels on the edges of an icon, which often happens when creating a transparent icon.

Icon Background Adder

With our icon background adder, you can instantly fill all transparent or translucent background regions of an icon with a solid color or with a color gradient.

Icon Background Remover

With our icon background remover, you can instantly remove a single-color or multi-color background from an icon. It works with icons in multiple formats (such as JPG or Webp) and you'll get a transparent PNG icon as the download.

Icon Recoloring Tool

With our icon recoloring tool, you can instantly replace one or more colors in an icon with a new color (such as blue to red). You can also preserve color shades and change color's opacity.

Icon Cropper

With our icon cropper, you can instantly extract an arbitrary area from an icon. If there are multiple icons on the same image, you can download just one of them and separate them from one another.

Icon Border Adder

With our icon border adder, you can instantly add a border around an icon. The border can be added to all four sides of an icon or just some of the sides. Additionally, you can make the border semi-transparent or fully transparent.

Icon Border Remover

With our icon border remover, you can instantly delete a border that surrounds an icon. You can also fine-tune the removal process and leave one or more sides of the border.

Icon Resizer

With our icon resizer, you can instantly resize an icon and change its width and height to any size. You can preserve the icon's aspect ratio, or stretch and squeeze its dimensions to arbitrary ones.

Icon Rotator

With our icon rotator, you can instantly rotate an icon by an arbitrary angle in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Icon Text Adder

With our icon text adder, you can instantly add short labels or captions to icons. You can also enter multi-line text and adjust its font size, color, and position.

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