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Online Digital Signature Maker

Try our free online digital signature maker and creator tools. They let you create transparent signatures that you can use in PDF and Word documents, remove the background from signatures, convert JPG signatures to PNG signatures, change signature color, rotate signatures, and more!

Convert a JPG Signature to a PNG Signature

Our signature converter lets you quickly and easily convert a signature from the JPG format to a signature in the PNG format.

Remove PNG Signature Background

Our PNG signature background remover lets you quickly and easily remove the background from a PNG image of a signature.

Remove JPG Signature Background

Our JPG signature background remover lets you quickly and easily turn a non-transparent JPG photo of a signature into a transparent image that you can use to sign documents.

Add PNG Signature Background

Our PNG signature background adder lets you quickly and easily convert a transparent PNG signature into a non-transparent signature filled with a color of your choice.

Change Signature Color

Our signature color changer lets you quickly and easily change the color of a signature from let's say blue to black or from green to blue.

Rotate a Signature

Our signature rotator lets you quickly and easily change the orientation of a signature and rotate it at any angle in any direction.

Resize a Signature

Our signature resizer lets you quickly and easily change the size of a signature and make it bigger or smaller.

Crop a Signature

Our signature cropper lets you quickly and easily remove excess space around a signature or extract a single signature from multiple signatures written on the same page.

Create a Black-and-white Signature

Our black-and-white signature maker lets you quickly and easily remove all colors from a signature and convert it to a signature written in black ink.

Clean Up Signature Edges

Our signature edge cleaner lets you quickly and easily refine the edges of a signature and clean up all dirty pixels around it.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A Digital Signature Maker is a program that allows you to solve all tasks related to creating, modifying, and improving signatures for digital documents. For example, you can convert a digital signature to different file format (such as JPG signature to a PNG signature), remove signature background, change signature color, rotate a signature so that it's straight, and much more. Each Digital Signature Maker tool has a download button that's one click away and once you have edited your signature, you can instantly download it. To become an efficient Digital Signature Maker user, you just need to learn one of the tools, and you'll instantly know how to use all of them because they all share the same user interface. The Digital Signature Maker tools that we have created have become indispensable for business documents and they are now used by millions of users and hundreds of thousands of businesses.

A Digital Signature is an image file that can be used to electronically sign online documents, such as Word and PDF. A Digital Signature is also called an Electronic Signature or E-Signature for short. Usually Digital Signatures have the PNG file format as this file format supports transparency. Once you have a crated a Digital Signature, you can import it in the document and move use the "bring-to-front" feature to position over the signature field. Digital Signatures are most often used to confirm receipt of a service or product, agreeing to terms, and approving documents. Please note that the tools that we offer are strictly for working with written signatures and and they aren't related to cryptography or encryption.

Transparent Digital Signatures are the standard for signing documents because they are see-thru and you can position them over the signature field. If your signature has a white or gray background, then it may be considered invalid or even fake. If you have a photo of a signature, then it's usually in JPG format and this format doesn't support transparency. You can use our JPG to PNG signature converter to create a transparent signature in PNG format. A good-looking signature is one of the most important factors when a document is verified or reviewed. A non-transparent signature can cause problems if the document has to be notarized in the future.

As more and more businesses are going fully digital, Digital Signatures are used more and more often. For example, after receiving goods from a delivery service or buying goods online, you may be required to sign an online form that confirms that you really received them. Or, another example is executing documents electronically and signing online contracts. A Digital Signature is a confirmation that you have accepted the delivery of a product or service, or that you have read a document and agree to it. Almost always a Digital Signature is accompanied by your name and a date when you used it.

When we created our Digital Signature Maker tools, we had one goal in mind – how to make them as simple as possible so that our users could instantly get started and get things done. Our tools work from the comfort of your browser and you can use them without installing or downloading any additional programs. You can simply load your signature in the input box of any of our tools, and you'll instantly get a modified signature in the output box. You can then download the updated signature from the output box by clicking on the "Save As" button. Once you learn how to use one of the tools, you'll immediately know how to use all of them as they all share the same user interface. Additionally, all tools include three to six visual examples that show you what various options do and the results you can achieve.

We keep a counter that shows us how many times each of our tools has been used. We just checked and it turns out the most popular tool is the Remove PNG Signature Background tool, which is used several hundred thousand times each month, the next one is the Change Signature Color tool with nearly one hundred thousand uses per month, and then the Convert a JPG Signature to a PNG Signature with fifty thousand uses per month. The rankings often change as users often send us ideas for new tools that we hadn't thought of and when we create them, they quickly get popular.

When you use our Digital Signature tools, your signature is not uploaded to our servers. Everything that you do in our tools is 100% anonymous as all tools work in your browser on your computer (via JavaScript and HTML5 canvas) and the images that you work with aren't sent to our servers for processing. As we like to say – what happens on your computer (or mobile device) stays on your computer.

The number of people who use Digital Signatures is growing exponentially. Everyone is now working with digital documents and as our tools are so simple to use, they are quickly becoming very popular. Our Digital Signature Maker and other our products are now used by millions of people every month, including governments, states, cities, banks, universities, and Forbes 100 companies.

Our Users and Customers

Browserling and our online tools are used by millions of users every month, and our customers include governments, states, cities, banks, stock exchanges, universities, newspapers, Forbes 100, Forbes 500 companies, and private multi-billion dollar companies.

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