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Online PNG Color Maker

Try our free online PNG color tools. With our color tools, you can extract the most common colors from a PNG image, replace existing colors, apply a color filter and change PNG color tone, convert any color to a transparent color, sample colors from a specific region, extract RGB, RGBA, CMYK, HSL color channels, and much more!

PNG Color Extractor

With the PNG color extractor, you can quickly find the most common colors in your PNG image. You can find the color hex codes as well as calculate (as a percentage) how popular these colors are in the image.

PNG Color Picker

With the PNG color picker, you can quickly find the color information about a particular pixel in your PNG image. The color information is printed as an English color name or hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, HSV, HSI, LAB, LCH, and HCL color codes.

PNG Color Channel Extractor

With the PNG color channel extractor, you can quickly split your PNG image into individual RGB, RGBA, CMY, CMYK, and HSL color channels.

PNG Color Changer

With the PNG color changer, you can quickly change an existing color in your PNG image (such as blue) to a new color (such as red). When the color is changed, you can also preserve its shades (for example, dark blue will be replaced with dark red, and light blue will be replaced with light red).

PNG Color Tone Changer

With the PNG color tone changer, you can quickly change the shade of all existing colors in your PNG image to a new shade. For example, you can apply a green filter over an image of a red rose and the red rose will now be green (including all its light and dark tones, tints, and reflections).

PNG Color Remover

With the PNG color remover, you can quickly remove any color and its tones from your PNG image. The removed color is turned into the transparent color, which you can later fill again with a new color if needed.

PNG Color Adder

With the PNG color adder, you can quickly add a new color to all transparent regions of your PNG image. This way you can turn a transparent PNG into an opaque PNG.

PNG Color Inverter

With the PNG color inverter, you can quickly invert the colors in your PNG image, just like on old photographic films and negatives.

Grayscale PNG Maker

With the grayscale PNG maker, you can quickly create a grayscale PNG image from your existing PNG image. Additionally, you can control the red, green, and blue channel weights in the grayscale conversion formula.

Sepia PNG Maker

With the sepia PNG maker, you can quickly convert your existing PNG image into a new PNG that has a sepia effect applied to it that gives it a warm brownish tint. Optionally, you can control the amount of sepia effect that is added to the PNG.

Colorful PNG Maker

With the colorful PNG maker, you can quickly create neat and unique PNG images that are filled with one or more bright colors. The colors can be solid or they can go in a linear, radial, or wavy gradient.

Random Color PNG Maker

With the random color PNG maker, you can quickly create PNG images that contain random colors. For example, you can select yellow and blue colors and generate a PNG that contains random combinations of these colors.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A PNG Color Maker is an online program that allows you to create, modify, and convert colors in PNG format images. For example, you can change the color tone in a PNG, extract colors from a PNG, convert PNG to grayscale, invert PNG colors, and much more. All Color Maker tools have a simple user-friendly interface that does not require advanced computer skills to use. Once you learn how to use one of our Color Maker tools, you'll instantly know how to use all of them because the same user interface is shared by all the tools. Each tool also includes many interesting visual examples, making it very easy to understand how it works and what it does.

The most popular formats are colors-by-their-name, hexadecimal, RGB, RGBA, and HSL. The colors-by-their-name format is simply the English name of the color. For example, "red", "green", "gray". The hexadecimal format is a three- or six-digit code representing a color and it usually starts with the hash "#" symbol. For example, #fff and #ffffff is the white color, #000 and #000000 is the black color, and #333 and #333333 is the gray color. The RGB format is an abbreviation for red, green, and blue and is a three-digit code reflecting the amount of each color. For example, RGB(0, 0, 0) is black, RGB(0, 0, 255) is blue, and RGB(255, 255, 0) is yellow. The RGBA format also adds the alpha channel to the color definition, setting its translucency. For example, RGBA(255, 255, 0, 0.5) is 50% transparent yellow color. HSL stands for hue, saturation and lightness and it's a three-digit code reflecting the amount of each color used to create the final color. For example, HSL(66, 100%, 50%) is yellow, HSL(356, 100%, 50%) is red, and HSL(192, 100%, 50%) is light blue.

A Grayscale PNG Maker is one of our most popular tools and it's used in printing, photography, graphic design, social media, and more. Let's explore each area in more detail. First - printing. To save toner or ink in a color printer, you can first convert PNGs to grayscale mode and then print them in just black and white. Second - photography. You can give your favorite photos a retro look and make them more interesting and mysterious if you apply the grayscale filter on them. The grayscale filter can be also used to create moody, dramatic atmosphere as well as to draw attention to the image. Third - social media. Many popular Instagram accounts use only grayscale tones in their posts to create unique profiles. This allows your profile to stand out and be original, and most importantly attract people to your feed.

A PNG Color Adder is often used when you want to quickly check how a logo or any other transparent PNG image will look on different backgrounds. For example, if you want to print a logo on a T-shirt but need to decide on which T-shirt color it will look the best, then you can add red or black color to the logo and see how it blends with the background. The user-friendly interface for selecting the fill color and viewing the result takes just a second. This utility has a neat color picker that will help you find the color you're looking for and similar shades. Sometimes a Color Adder is also used together with the PNG Color Remover that lets you remove the existing background color and replace it with a new color.

A Color Channel Extractor allows you to extract individual color channels from a PNG format image. There are a dozen different color channel formats and with this extractor, you can individually see each one of them. You can extract the classic RGB/RGBA channels (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha), then the CMY/CMYK channels (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key), and HSL channels (Hue, Saturation, and Light). Additionally, you can convert the channels to grayscale to see their absolute intensity. This tool is used by many web designers and artists to create abstract art and generate PNG effects. For example, a popular use-case is to convert a full-color PNG to three RGB images and then overlay these three images one on top of another with an offset of a couple of pixels. This produces a red-shift or a blue-shift image.

A PNG Color Picker allows you to extract the color under the cursor from a PNG image. It has two modes of operation – the first mode selects the exact color under the cursor (with a precision of 1 pixel) and the second mode selects the average color of a group of pixels. For example, you can pick the average color in a group of 5-by-5 pixels (average of 25 pixels). Once a color is selected, you can find all its properties, such as the closest web-safe color name, its hex code, RGB/RGBA code, HSL/HSV/HSI code, LCH/HCL code, and LAB code.

A Colorful PNG Maker is an unique tool for creating arbitrary shape and color PNGs as well as gradient-filled background cover images. A popular use-case of this tool is creating colorful gradient backgrounds for use on social media. As thousands and thousands of posts get published online every hour, it's very difficult to stand out and capture people's attention, and you have to get creative. Adding a linear, radial, or wavy gradient to your post will instantly make it much more attractive and it'll get more views than a post with plain color background. Another popular use-case includes generating custom size and custom color PNGs for writing web tests, as well as creating transparent 1x1 pixel PNGs.

A PNG Color Extractor is a program that allows you to extract colors from pictures. It's used to find the dominant colors in PNG images and to analyze their color composition. It extracts the most popular colors as a list and sorts them by their popularity percentage. This output format is very useful for creating custom color palettes. A popular use-case of the Color Extractor is to design web pages that match the color composition of the pictures used on the page. We also added multiple color extraction settings with different output formats that let you sort the colors in the output palette by rainbow, lightness, or darkness. Our user-friendly interface lets you see the extracted palette instantly and download it via a single click.

Our Color Maker tools and other products are used by millions of people every month and the primary audience includes graphic designers, web designers, and other color professionals who need to create and manipulate colors in PNG images. Our users also include hobbyists and students who are interested in exploring color theory, learning how various color channels work, and generating unique color schemes. Our most serious users include governments, cities, universities, banks, and Forbes 100 companies.

Our Users and Customers

Browserling and our online tools are used by millions of users every month, and our customers include governments, states, cities, banks, stock exchanges, universities, newspapers, Forbes 100, Forbes 500 companies, and private multi-billion dollar companies.

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